40426c19-b076-4d37-8430-c2f2c8b7b618Shut on Ramadhan for renovations, the new look at Z-Lounge Club guaranteed its place on our list again this year.
Aiming to set a new industry standard for nightlife and entertainment in the Kingdom.
The opening of the newly-renovated Z- Lounge Club on the occasion of the Eid, marks the beginning of a new chapter in our mission to provide the finest hospitality experiences in the Kingdom to our loyal and new guests alike and offering a unique experience for party seekers and cocktail drinkers alike!
Z- Lounge Club has been redesigned to boast a new look and atmosphere, the all-new Z-Lounge Club has been designed with the concept of a striking design and unexpected wonder along with powerful sound, immersive light, sensual forms and tactile details to delight and astound at every turn.
In addition, each area has been designed to have a distinct feel that sets it apart from the other spaces, while at the same time a consistent sense of harmony is maintained throughout the residence-style lounge. The atmosphere created allows guests to choose a different space to suit their mood each time they visit.
There’s no better place to relax than a lounge bar where fruity cocktails and little bites, for a nightspot this is the one to hit.
Here we take you through a free-flowing bubbly ladies night, so for the ladies, this is one of the more affordable spots to hit.
With great happy hour deals from 9-11pm most days of the week, you can go no wrong here.
Always a favorite for laid-back beats from the DJs and ensures you won’t leave till the wee hours.
Z-Lounge Club has been entertaining guests, visitors and fans with the best in live musical performances, the hottest DJs.

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